Best in class therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of cancer

BliNK Biomedical SAS specializes in the discovery and development of first or best-in-class antibody-based therapeutics for life threatening diseases such as cancer with a focus on immuno-oncology disease targets. Our lead program is a monoclonal antibody that targets an immune checkpoint to cause an immune switch that renders tumors susceptible to the body's immune system. Our other programs address a number of attractive, novel immuno-oncology and immune-checkpoint targets, some of which are unique to our approach. The antibodies that we are developing have the potential to be the next generation of anti-tumor therapeutics.

BliNK Biomedical's powerful B cell technology enables us to selectively isolate specific antibody producing cells for difficult targets. This cutting-edge technology, based on our validated platforms (IVV, ISAAC and VIVA|Screen®), constitute a highly efficient and deep mining process and provides an unprecedented capability to identify very rare antibody-secreting cells from human and non-human species. This unique capability represents a major advantage compared to other technologies, enabling us to identify a unique generation of therapeutic antibodies.

Our headquarters are in Lyon (France) and we have a subsidiary, BliNK Therapeutics, in Stevenage (UK).