Jack Elands, PhD

Chief Executive Officer


Previous to BliNK Biomedical, Jack Elands was CEO of Amakem Therapeutics, a company that he cofounded in 2010. Jack was CEO of Vitec, a specialty biochemical company focused on antimicrobial surface chemistries and products, CBO of Silicos, an informatics platform-based biotechnology company and the VP of Business Development at Sidec AB, a Swedish company focused on the discovery and development of protein based drugs. Jack started his pharmaceutical career at Marion Merrell Dow (later HMR and Aventis, now Sanofi) where he was involved with the development of drugs such as terfenadine, fexofenadine and dolasetron. He has published extensively and has contributed to several patents. He received his undergraduate in medical biology from University of Utrecht in 1985. Jack was awarded his doctorate in Neuropharmacology from the Rudolf Magnus Institute at University of Utrecht in 1989.


Nicola Beltraminelli, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer


Nicola Beltraminelli is a biochemist by training with more than 15 years industrial experience. After his PhD in molecular and cellular biology at the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC), he led a process development team at Dictagene, Apoxis (sold to TopoTarget in 2008) and Vivalis for the manufacture of complex biologics from mg scale productions, to pilot scale. Nicola successfully transferred the process and methods to a CMO for the generation of Phase I material. Nicola has considerable expertise in stable cell line generation, productivity optimization, analytical methods setup, process development, scale up, product characterization methods, product pre-formulation and formulation studies, stability testing and, more generally, all the steps needed for the successful manufacture of GMP grade material. In 2010, Nicola led a 20 person team at Vivalis (now Valneva), for the discovery and early stage development of antibodies from humans and other species against a wide range of customer and proprietary targets and managed the facility in Lyon. He actively contributed to the optimization of the antibody discovery platform. Nicola is a board member of BliNK Therepeutics Ltd.