BliNK Biomedical SAS develops novel therapeutic antibodies against a very wide range of targets, among them difficult GPCRs.

Thanks to the ISAAC microarray system, for which BliNK Biomedical has an exclusive license, we have the capabilities to screen millions of B lymphocytes in only few days to weeks and within days to select only the antibody candidates with the requested binding and biological requirements for product development. This technology has been successfully applied on a wide range of targets with B cells derived from humans, mice, rabbits and dogs and can be applied to any species.

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For the development of novel therapeutic fully-human antibodies, BliNK Biomedical has developed two technologies, which, combined to ISAAC enable the isolation of very rare B cells:

  • IVV: Antigen specific stimulation of rare human B cells enabling their pre-enrichment among the millions of non relevant ones
  • VIVA|Screen: human B cells stimulation and semi-immortalization for the expansion of B cells prior to their screening. This method enable an early high-throughput binding and functional screening of human B-cell clones secreting antibodies prior to ISAAC